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We are a family company which was founded in 1994. Our sole objective has always been offering our clients top quality and service for all our products.
In July 2008 we inaugurated our new factory with a surface area of over 3,500 m2; the key to excellence lies in the manufacturing of each raw material. Our specialised personnel, the most modern machinery, and our years of experience help us to give each product the loving care necessary in order to achieve that unique taste.
Salting is the first step followed by the slow process of curing until the final result is achieved. Years later everything is supervised with great care so as to obtain an exclusive product: our hams and shoulders.
The manufacture of pickled products such as loin, streaky bacon, ribs, etc. involves handcrafted production and the use of suitable specialised machinery. The whole of this process is followed from the selection of the raw material.
We attend a number of Trade Fairs both within Spain and elsewhere in addition to selling our products directly from our eight factory stores in Toro, Zamora, Salamanca, Valladolid, and Palma de Mallorca.
It is of note that we are founder members of the “ASSOCIATION OF ZAMORA PRODUCERS OF LOCAL HARD PORK SAUSAGE” GUARANTEE MARK, which refers to this sausage made exclusively from the best parts of the pig and only from raw materials with denomination of origin.
On the other hand we also have an external company for certifying IBERIAN products, “CALICER”, which reliably certifies that our products are within the denomination.
As a novelty we are introducing wooden boxes manufactured by the FUNDACIÓN INTRAS and the FUNDACIÓN PERSONAS (non-profit-making associations) which will help people with intellectual disabilities at their headquarters in TORO and VALLADOLID, in addition to ADFYS (an association of people with physical and mental disabilities from Toro and Zamora).
As a result of all this work we were awarded the prestigious INTERNATIONAL CÚSPIDE CERTIFICATE in the year 2000 and more recently the 2014 MERCURIO PRIZE for our professional career.
As far as logistics is concerned, we work with the best Spanish and international companies in such a way that we can offer our clients the best logistic services without any incidents to meet their needs. We attend all requests for delivery points whether personalised or for the various agencies, companies, factories, or places indicated by our clients. Moreover, as we are present at the most important national food fairs we have a major logistic setup that allows us to meet the demand for our products from the thousands of people interested in them.
Leading companies of the logistics sector are our main suppliers in this field. We deal directly with all offices whether of departure or arrival and coordinate with them all the dispatches sent to any location from when our products leave the factory to when they are delivered at their destination; coordination and supervision is excellent whether carried out by these offices or ourselves. Our Customer Attention Service is based at our installations and is available from 09.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs and from 16.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs. Your queries will be attended over the telephone by our agents who will resolve the incident by dealing directly with the person or client who has got in touch with us. You can also contact us by e-mail.

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