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Embutidos Ballesteros
At Embutidos Ballesteros we make our own Iberian ham and sausages and we make them arrive without intermediaries.
Specialized personnel, the most modern machinery and years of experience allow us to give each product the care and attention it requires to achieve unique flavors and excellent results.
Foto en blanco y negro de Elier Ballesteros padre con su mensaje y firma



Beginning with salting through the slow process of healing until the final result, years later, everything is supervised with great care to obtain an exclusive product, our hams and shoulders



As a result of all this work, we received the THE INTERNATIONAL CÚSPIDE CERTIFICATE award, a title of prestige in the year 2000 and more recently the MERCURY 2014 PRIZE for professional trajectory.



With regard to logistics, we work with the best national and international companies, so that we can offer the best logistics services to our customers without any incidents to provide their needs and carrying out all the requests for points delivery.

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