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“La Pepona” Spicy Iberian Hard Pork Sausage

11,66 IVA incluido

Weight: 0,70 to 0,90 Kg.

Price: 10,50 €/Kg


These hard pork sausages are made from the fresh pork of white-layer fatty pigs. All the pigs used come from Zamora farms and the sausages are produced only in Zamora and its province. The parts used are as follows: the fore-loin, shoulder, ham, belly, Landeo lean meat, and streaky bacon. This means that the product is of top quality; it also includes Denomination of Origin paprika from La Vera and salt, garlic, and oregano.

Weight 0,700 kg

From 0,7 to 0,9 Kg


This merchandise is delivered vacuum-packed and in a box adapted for your order.

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