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Sweet Hard Pork Sausage and Thin Iberian Salami-Type Sausage

5,95 IVA incluido

Weight: 200 gr/unit.

Price: 14,90€/Kg


Each pack includes 1 item of Sweet Thin Iberian Hard Pork Sausage and 1 item of Thin Iberian Salami-type Sausage. Each product is delivered vacuum-packed inside a special box.

Weight 0,400 kg

200 gr per unit


This merchandise is delivered vacuum-packed and in a box adapted for your order.

Elier's Recommendations

The hard pork sausages which we send to your home do not need any special treatment or care, as they are dispatched in perfect condition. However, we do advise you to remove them from their vacuum packaging an hour before consumption so that their taste can be appreciated to the full.

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