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Iberian Cereal-Fed Shoulder

Desde: 72,54

We sell it deboned and cut up or boned in envelopes.

Price: 11,95 €/Kg


This product comes from Iberian pigs fed on natural fodder based on barley, wheat, maize, and soya. The result is a high quality product with an excellent aroma and presence. It is cured for at least 36 months.

This merchandise does not require cold or any other special condition for its preservation; it can be kept at room temperature. Once the package has been opened and after it has been consumed it is advisable to cover it with a cotton cloth so that the ham does not lose any of its aroma.

If for any reason the product is in poor condition or does not fulfil your expectations we will change it for another of the same kind or return your money.

Weight N/A

Whole, Deboned and cut up, In slices


4.8 to 5.2 Kg


The shoulders are delivered wrapped in greaseproof paper and a cotton mesh and placed in a suitable cardboard box for their transport.

Elier's Recommendations

When these shoulders reach the client they do not require any special conditions for their preservation as they have been cured for more than 20 months. Once they have been opened it is advisable to cover them with a piece of bacon from the ham itself or with a cotton cloth to prevent them losing any of their aroma.

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