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Iberian Cereal-Fed Loin

Desde: 20,46

Home-Made Cured “Embuchado” Loin

Desde: 2,00

Iberian Acorn-Fed Shoulder

Desde: 99,75

Iberian Acorn-Fed Deboned Shoulder

Desde: 5,00

Iberian Cereal-Fed Shoulder

Desde: 62,14

Iberian Cereal-Fed Deboned Shoulder

Desde: 4,00

“Gran Selección” “Pepona” Shoulder

32,75 IVA incluido

Semi-Cured Mixed Cheese

Desde: 6,65

Mature Sheep’s Cheese

Desde: 11,95

Semi-Cured Sheep’s Cheese

Desde: 9,71

Pure Old Sheep’s Cheese

Desde: 11,20
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