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Cured Beef

Desde: 6,04

Lo vendemos en trozos de 1 Kg o sobres de 200 gr o 300 gr.

Price per piece: 20,00 €/Kg
Sliced price: 24,00 €/Kg

Sku: 026

In order to obtain a high quality product we select the best cuts of beef, the most in the demand and the most often marketed is the round. This product stands out from other cuts owing to its intense and characteristic taste.

Weight N/A

200 gr packet, 300 gr packet, 1 kg packet


This merchandise is delivered vacuum-packed and in a box adapted for your order.

Elier's Recommendations

It is advisable to remove the product from its vacuum package a couple of hours before consumption so that its intense taste can be fully appreciated. It should be kept covered with a cotton cloth at room temperature and a few drops of olive oil should be added to the cut.

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