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Acorn-Fed Iberian “Morcón” Sausage

19,80 IVA incluido

Weight: 1 to 1,2 Kg.

Price: 13,80 €/Kg


The ingredients for producing morcón sausage are Iberian fore-loin cut up and seasoned with the famous Denomination of Origin paprika of La Vera, garlic, and salt. It is presented in natural intestinal casing and tied with cotton thread; it has a natural curing period of 6 months.
It is advisable to keep this product at room temperature; when it begins to sweat it is at its best.

Weight 1,2 kg

From 1 to 1,2 Kg


If for any reason the product is in poor condition or does not fulfil your expectations we will change it for another of the same kind or return your money.

Elier's Recommendations

Our recommendation for the consumption of this product is as follows: warm a plate in the microwave, cut the tongue into very thin slices, and drizzle a little olive oil on it before serving.

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