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Mature Sheep’s Cheese

Desde: 14,21

This product is sold in pieces of 0.75 kg (a quarter of a cheese), 1.5 kg (half a cheese), or 3 kg (a whole cheese).

Price: 15,95 €/Kg

Sku: 0035
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Mature cured sheep’s cheese is made from raw milk after being ripened for two years in olive oil. It must be kept at room temperature (18º-20º) and always in a dry place.

Weight N/A

quarter of a cheese(0.75 Kg), half of a cheese(1.5 Kg), Whole Cheese(3 Kg)


It is delivered to clients vacuum-packed in a cardboard box suitable for transport.

Elier's Recommendations

Cheese should be cut into cubes or slices according to its shape. It is best preserved by wrapping it in cling film; don’t forget to keep it at room temperature in a cool dry place.

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