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Pure Old Sheep’s Cheese

Desde: 13,46

This product is sold in pieces of 0.75 kg (a quarter of a cheese), 1.5 kg (half a cheese), or 3 kg (a whole cheese).

Price: 14,95 €/Kg

Sku: 341
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This cheese should be consumed at a temperature of between 18º and 20º to be at its best. Old cheese is produced from raw milk and is cured for one year and 10 months in pure olive oil.

Weight N/A

quarter of a cheese(0.75 Kg), half of a cheese(1.5 Kg), Whole Cheese(3 Kg)


It is delivered to clients vacuum-packed in a cardboard box suitable for transport.

Elier's Recommendations

Cheese should be cut into cubes or slices according to its shape. It is best preserved by wrapping it in cling film; don’t forget to keep it at room temperature in a cool dry place.

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